Any person having a grievance that any content published on Tarun Mitra News Network (“Tarun Mitra”) is violative of the code of ethics adopted by Tarun Mitra ( may register his grievance for redressal in accordance with Rule 10 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics code) Rules, 2021, within a reasonable period of time of publication of such content by addressing his grievance to the following Grievance Officer.
Name:  Mr. Yogendra Vishwakarma 
Address: 23, Jahagirabad mension Ashok road hazratganj Lucknow (UP)
Telephone Number (Landline): 0522-4067598, 4066898, 2288985, 2288968
The grievance sent to the Grievance Officer should include the below mentioned details:
• Full name & contact details including complete address, phone number, email of the aggrieved person.
• Link to the content published on tarunmitra for which grievance is being filed.
• Date of publication of the content for which grievance is being filed.
• Nature of the grievance, please specify as follows:
o In case of written content, specify the exact words or para of the article which according to you is violative of Code of Ethics.
o In case of audio/ videos programmes, specify exact time stamps of section of such programme which according to you is violative of Code of Ethics.
o Mention the exact provision from the Code of Ethics that you consider has been violated by the content for which grievance is being filed & summarise how such content is violative of that provision.
Any grievance received in which any of the above specified details is missing, will be rejected without any intimation to the person sending the grievance.
Our aim is, in all cases, to resolve grievances received about the content published on Tarunmitra as satisfactorily and quickly as reasonably possible, in no case later than fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of such grievance.
The aggrieved person is at the liberty to appeal to Indian Digital Media Association, the Self Regulatory Body of which we are member of, for their grievance, if they believe that the  response received from us doesn’t adequately address their grievance or in case no response is received within fifteen (15) days from the date of sending grievance to us.